My Snowflake Ring by VIVSIX

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Every year there's a special place in my heart for winter.  Even though it gets so cold, my heart just feels so warm.  I don't live in the snow anymore.  I'm in California where it stays 70 degrees even in December.  But I miss the good ol' days still...

The days where I used to ring all my neighbors' doorbells to gather the crew.  At most of us, we'd be eight strong.

Making snow angels.

Throwing snowballs.

Even just running around and enjoying our break from school.

One day as I was laying on the cool, smooth, icy heaven...

I looked up at the grey skies flapping my arms and legs to bury my very own snow angel.  As I was finally getting ready to slow down and stop, a sparkle in the air slowly hovered down closer to my face like a feather.

I watched as it sway back and forth.

It was so gentle and so cute, I couldn't help but burst out into joyous laughter.

No school, surrounded by friends, and Christmas was near.

I was happy.

And as the little snowflake landed on my teeny nose, I had for the first time figured out what my favorite thing in the world was.